8:13 AM
3:16 PM
donde descardo el cliente
0:02 AM
alguien puede pasar un link para descargarlo??
2:27 PM
how i can get a system ?
2:27 PM
working server ?
10:51 PM
hey gente jugando?
4:29 PM
anyone speaking english?
4:24 AM
No puedo descargar el system del server
9:10 PM
server work ?
5:20 AM
quien me da razon del server si esta on o no
9:36 PM
esta online el server?
9:35 PM
1:25 AM
el server esta on?? como lo descargo
6:31 AM
server on ?
4:08 AM
server onn?
4:08 AM
holaaa alguien sabe cuando arranca esto?
11:53 PM
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3:36 AM
esse server funciona?
6:49 AM
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4:16 AM
2:14 PM
el servidor esta en fucionamiento?
5:15 PM
no ves que dice system en grandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
10:31 PM
dond descargo la system???
5:19 PM
Galadriel, el link del patck está roto
12:07 PM
is server online ? and where i can download system ?
6:26 PM
Which client need?
10:29 PM
donde se descarga?¿
7:11 PM
porfavor avisen
7:10 PM
de donde bajo el parche no uedo bajarlo
9:41 AM
alguem ae ? n da pra baixa parece invalid
8:38 AM
7:48 PM
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5:45 PM
how many people playing in this server?
3:12 AM
server on?
10:56 PM
man como baixar ?
2:08 AM
anda este sv?
11:12 PM
please up this server i want play him
6:09 PM
gente sou do brasil esse eo gve original??
6:23 PM
esta on el gve ???
3:46 AM
Gente cuando va estar up el GvE??
4:48 PM
When the gve server will be up ?
3:59 PM
surver work ?
8:46 AM
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5:30 AM
Esta on? Its already on? someone answer idk if there people paying
11:36 PM
the server is not on already thats why we cant donwnload syst
11:15 PM
is this server alive or not because i cant diwnload the sistem
9:54 PM
aun no esta ON el server por eso no podeis descargar el system
4:06 AM
why cant download system ?
4:06 AM
why cant download system ?
4:05 PM
Is anny buddy out there ?